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Pneumatic Instruments for:

  • Recording
  • Indicating
  • Controlling
  • Totalizing
  • Transmitting

Available with a multiple measurement options for:

  • Flow
  • Pressure
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Servo Elements for RTDs/Thermocouples and other Electrical Inputs


  • Meet the requirements for both electronic and pneumatic instruments


  • Available with a selection of input/output signals
  • Easy installation
  • High air delivery rate for direct valve acutation


  • Suitable in all process industries; chemical, refining, food and beverage, metals and mining, water and waste, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, others

Flow Measurement

  • Differential pressure transmitters

Temperature Measurement

  • Filled thermal systems and thermocouple/RTD devices

Pressure Measurement

  • Force balance and indicating transmitters

Liquid Level Measurement