Review QuickChart

Eurotherm Review is a PC based software package that allows the display and printing of archived data files from the Eurotherm range of Data Acquisition units. These include Series 4000, 5000, 6000 recorders and Eycon™ Visual Supervisor.


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  • Simplified Chart generation
  • Direct data access
  • Security control via Security Manager
  • Single file to email to share information

There is no need to transfer files into a database – the user can open these directly into the Review QuickChart application. A user can also create a chart, annotate it and resave the chart – the new chart will be created in an encrypted (urq) format so that the additional annotation is secured along with the original data. This single file can then be simply emailed without the need to send multiple files (original data files and chart definition) for another user to view the chart.
Review QuickChart can be used Standalone or with Review. It is supplied with Review as standard.


  • Quick and simple viewing of data
  • Direct opening of recorder history files from removable media
  • Search for and open a batch or time range
  • Add comments to the chart and secure
  • Secure signing of a chart or report
  • Lock chart so that view cannot be altered


Eurotherm Product Selection Guide (HA029395USA Issue 8)