SSM1 DIN Rail Mount SSRs

Ready to use “Plug and play”

  • Modular design of IP 20 housing and built-in heat sink for optimized operating conditions.
  • Easy mounting on standard 35 mm/1.378 in. DIN rail with a secure mounting latch.


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  • SSM solid state relays are compact designed relays with greater power density. The modular IP 20 housing design and built-in heat sink offers optimized operating solutions.

    The SSM relay range comprises:

    • SSM1: Single phase SSR relays with 20, 30, 45 and 55 A ratings

    SSM1 relays, 22.5 mm/0.886 in. (20 A, 30 A) width and 45 mm/1.771 in. (45 A, 55 A) width

    • Lugs for panel mounting
    • Built-in heat sink for heat dissipation
    • Control input connection terminals
    • Control input voltage LED indicator in green
    • Bracket for mounting on 35 mm/1.378 in. DIN rail
    • Load output connection terminals
Mechanical Details
Cut-out dimensions
Absolute Maximum Voltage
1200 V (30A, 45A and 55A units)
Ambient Air Temperature for Operation
-40…80 °C
Ambient Air Temperature for Storage
-40…125 °C
Capacitance Unbalance
<= 8 pF for input/output
Connections – Terminals
Screw terminals 1 x 0.2…1 x 8.4 mm² (AWG 24…AWG 8) for output Screw terminals 1 x 0.2…1 x 3.3 mm² (AWG 24…AWG 12) for input
Contacts Type and Contacts Type and Composition
1 NO
Control Circuit Voltage
4 to 32 VDC or 90 to 140 VAC
98 or 107 mm
Dielectric Strength
4 kV AC for input or output to case 4 kV AC for input/output
500 V/μs off-state at maximum voltage
99 mm
Input Current Limits
14…17 mA
Insulation Resistance
1000 MOhm at 500 V DC
IP Degree of Protection
Leakage Current
<= 1 mA off-state
Local Signaling
LED green for input status
Maximum I²t for Fusing
4150 A².s for 8.3 ms
Mounting Support
Symmetrical DIN rail
Output Voltage
48 to 600 VAC
Overvoltage Category
Pollution Degree
Product Certifications
Product Weight
0.476 or 0.28 kg
Response Time
0.5 cycle turn-off 0.5 cycle turn-on
Solid State Output Type
Zero voltage switching SCR output
IEC 61000
Surge Current
1000 A for 8.3 ms
Tightening Torque
1.1…1.7 N.m for output 0.6…0.7 N.m for input
Voltage Drop
1.7 V on-state
22.5 or 45 mm
[In] Rated Current
20 to 55 A

Eurotherm Product Selection Guide (HA029395USA Issue 8)