ANALECT Hydrocarbon SmartSystem

Provides real-time, accurate and stable monitoring of physical and chemical compositions for refinery process streams.

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AIT’s large worldwide installed base of these analyzers include the leaders in the refining industry. Due to the use of the extended Mid-IR range and it’s large information content, the system is capable of on-line monitoring of crude oil at the start of the refining process to the fuels blender.

  • Integrated system includes sample temperature conditioning, water removal, filtration, and automatic features including sample outlier collection, cell wash, and sample validation
  • Rugged vibration-resistant optical bench provides superior stability
  • Embedded PC option with SpectraRTS™ and SpectraQuant™software provides a comprehensive analysis including outlier identification and capture, alarming functions, and detailed system diagnostics
  • Global calibration database provides starter models for quick implementation
  • Demonstrated uptime greater than 99%
  • Remote access via modem or LAN
  • RefinIR™ and RefinIR 100t™ automated lab sampling accessories are available for rapid calibration data collection and routine analysis
  • Download the brochure above or contact AIT for additional information on applications and specifications
  • See the Sales and Service page or contact AIT about upgrade options for older models


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