AST-P-GM Portable Glass Mould Pyrometer

Mold Temperature Measurements during the production of glass containers
Temperature Range: 250°C – 600°C


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Mold Temperature measurement during production of Glass containers and pressed ware is very important. The surface layers of the glass are cooled while in contact with the forming mold. Temperature control is very important because, if the glass is too hot it flows easily under gravity and cannot be controlled and if the mold is too hot, even if the glass is at the right temperature, the two stick together. If the heat dissipation throughout the mold is not uniform and hence there is a non-uniform temperature distribution in the finished bottle extracted from it.

Thermocouples and commercially available radiation pyrometers are severely limited by the lack of access to the forming mold.

Accurate Sensing Technologies are introduced Hand Held Pyrometer for quick and easy measurement of glass mold temperature. The PGM – Portable Glass Mold temperature measuring pyrometer allows the user to measure and record the temperature rapidly and it also allows transferring the stored temperature to the PC via USB.

PGM is a portable single hand operated battery powered pyrometer with inbuilt processor and temperature display. It has a very short response time of 2ms to complete the measurement rapidly. Since the mold is made of metallic surface the pyrometer operates in spectral response in short wavelength. This ensures highest accuracy and less effect of emissivity variation. The software helps the user to set the parameters like emissivity response time, peak picker, date and time.


  • Fast and easy measurement of blank and blow mold temperatures
  • Measurement by non-contact or contact method
  • Automatic temperature measurement
  • Recording of 1000 measured data
  • User replaceable fiber cable and optical head
  • Field re-calibration software
  • Economic