AST-A+ Series Pyrometers

Focusable Infrared Pyrometer with variety of sighting options like Laser, Through the Lens targeting and Video, Built-in digital LCD display, Key pad on the back panel for Parameter setting.
Temperature Range:0°C to 2500°C

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Models At Glance

Model Temperature Range Spectral Range Aiming Download
A250+ 300°C – 1300°C
350°C – 1800°C
450°C – 2500°C
1.6 μm Laser Pilot Light, Through the Lens View Finder, Video Datasheet
A450+ 600°C – 1900°C
700°C – 2500°C
1 μm Laser Pilot Light, Through the Lens View Finder, Video Datasheet
A450C+ 800°C – 2500°C
1000°C – 3000°C
0.7 – 1.15 μm Laser Pilot Light (PL), Through The Lens (TL) & Video Module Datasheet

Key Features

  • A250+ and A450+ are highly accurate Focusable Pyrometers. They are useful in providing high performance of non contact temperature measurement in demanding industrial and R&D environments.
  • The parameters like Emissivity, Response time,Peak picker can be set via the Key pads on the back panel. The settings are displayed on the large colour video LCD (55.5 (W) x 47.9 (H) x 3.17 ((D). In measuring mode real time temperature and Emissivity is displayed. In Focusable Pyrometer with video module the real time colour video, measuring temperature and Emissivity is displayed on the LCD screen.
  • A250+ and A450+ have Focusable optics for optimal match of the instrument to various application requirements. The pyrometers are equipped with user selectable RS232/RS485 switchable interface.The Analog outputs provided are 0 to 20mA, 4 to 20mA, 0 to 10V.
  • A250+ and A450+ are single color options while A450C+ is a two color model. The pyrometers are switchable between Single and two color modes.
  • Data logging and remote parameterization can be performed through factory supplied PC softwawre “Infrasoft”. Laser targeting light, Through the lens sighting, Video output(optional) are available with this series.