Base Radio BR20

The Accutech BR20 base radio offers the same performance of the BR10 along with additional long haul data radio options all packaged in a DIN-rail mounted enclosure for use in Class I, Div 2 / Zone 2 installations.



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The unit automatically communicates with all deployed field units attached to it in a local area star network and makes the field data available to an existing SCADA network or host system through serial Modbus. Each base radio can accommodated up to 100 field units in a single network with data rates as often as 1sec on all measured points. Up to 256 wireless sensor networks can operate in the same area yielding unlimited scalability. The BR20 offers an optional integrated long-haul data radio, allowing for extended reach between your wireless sensor network and your operations network.


The BR20 comes with a PC-based configuration and diagnostics tool that minimises installation and maintenance efforts.


Secure, license-free, spread-spectrum technology

Push button LCD interface for configuration and display.

Serial Modbus RTU over RS-485

Optional high gain antenna

Rated for industrial use: -40 to +185°F (-40 to +85°C)

CSA Class 1, Div2, ATEX and IECEx-n Zone 2


Used in any application where process variable measurement is hard to reach, costly to wire or hard to install. Accutech base radios can connect with our complete range of devices including pressure, temperature, flow, digital I/O, analog inputs, level, and more.


Any industry that operates processes at a distance and requires autonomous robust equipment that may require hazardous zone certification is a candidate for Accutech. Examples include oil and gas applications in upstream wellhead automation or pipeline monitoring, water and wastewater process monitoring and open mining operations. A wide range of other industries make use of Accutech base radios and field devices in applications that require long lasting autonomous process monitoring at a distance.