DR7100 Guided Wave Radar




The DR7100 is a guided wave radar level transmitter for two wire control systems. It is a contact measurement capable of total level and interface measurements up to 115 ft.


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The Drexelbrook DR7100 offers more advanced design solutions and higher signal dynamics than any other Guided Wave product on the market. A sharper pulse measures thinner interfaces. The superior time base stability allows better reproducibility, which translates to better reliability.

This guided wave radar level transmitter is unaffected by disturbances. Where strongly agitated surfaces, foam, coating of the probe or fine dust in the tank will make most other level measurement devices fail the DR7100 will continue to deliver correct measurements.

The choice of different touch screens along with the built-in wizard makes setting up and operating this two wire level gauge easier than ever.

Key Features
• Two wire level TDR provides unparalleled performance in difficult to measure products
• 5 different probe designs to measure level to 115 ft
• Accuracy to 3mm in liquids; not affected by product variations

Product Type
Guided wave radar, Liquid level sensor, Fluid level sensor, Slurry level sensor, Level meter, Level indicator, Tank level indicator, Tank level sensor, Water level sensor, Water level switch, Level gauge, Level transmitter



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