DR6300 Radar Level Transmitter



The Drexelbrook DR6300 is a non-contact radar level transmitter specifically for solids. It is ideal for use in a wide range of industries such as minerals and mining, chemical, food, iron, steel, metals, pulp and paper


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The Drexelbrook DR6300 is an open air radar solution specially designed for solids.

This radar level transmitter is a non-contact radar (FMCW) meter used for measuring distance, level and volume along with mass measurement of powders, granulates and other solids.

The DR6300 radar level transmitter offers a more stable measurement than pulse radar and is ideal for use under dusty process conditions. For very dusty atmospheres the DR6300 uses a unique Drop antenna design.

This radar level transmitter can operate at very low and very high process temperatures as long as the process connection temperature limits are observed.

It features an optional directly accessible graphic touchscreen, an optional second current output and an istallation wizard specifically for solids that permits the instrument to measure uneven surfaces accurately.

Key Features
• One converter for all antenna types (PTFE Drop, PP Drop and metallic horn)
•  ±0.12 in (±3 mm) standard accuracy
•  PP (Polypropylene) or PTFE Drop antenna: its shape prevents product build-up in dusty applications
•  Operates up to a flange temperature of 390° F (200° C) and 580 psig (40 bar)
•  Measuring range up to 260 ft (80 m)
•  Antenna can be extended to suit any nozzle length
•  PACTware and DTMs included as standard

Product Type
Radar sensor, Radar level transmitter, Liquid level sensor, Tank level indicator, Water level sensor, Water level switch, Level gauge, Level transmitter