Hardy ADVANTAGE HI LPRC03 load point


Les cellules de pesée à compression Hardy sont durables et polyvalentes, conçues avec des matériaux en acier inoxydable ou en alliage de première qualité. Utilisé pour la surveillance du poids en utilisant des forces de compression, les cellules de pesage Advantage utilisent une véritable étanchéité hermétique verre-métal pour fournir une protection fiable aux capteurs dans des environnements industriels exigeants.


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Advantage HI LPRC03

Hermetic Compression Load Point

ADVANTAGE® HI LPRC03 low profile, rocker load point systems are specially designed for high capacity hopper and tank weighing. Easy to install by bolting or welding, they have a low profile and 200% safe load limits. Each rocker load point consists of either plated, cast or stainless steel mounting hardware and a stainless steel mV/V & mV/V/ohm matched load sensor with
true hermetic sealing, Hardy’s exclusive C2® calibration , a ¼ NPT conduit adapter and 30 feet of cable for 110K and less and 50 feet of cable for 220K
and above.

Each assembly provides built-in checking, lift off protection and is specifically designed to eliminate the effects of unwanted forces to provide exceptional accuracy. A grounding strap, fixed color code wiring label and installation manual are provided with each load point. The sensors have an IP rating of IP68/IP69K. The HI RCH03 load cell is certified to NTEP Class III.

The HI LPRC03 rocker load point assembly is available in the following standard capacities: 16.5K, 33K, 50K, 66K, 88K, 110K, 220K, 330K and 660K lbs.

Dummy load cells are available for both the RCH03 and RCH04 sensors.  Dummy load cells that have the same mounting and load introduction characteristics as the cell it replaces. These are used as intermediate place holders in weighing systems that are being worked on (i.e. welding, painting and moving vessels), and those that require input and output apparatuses in any given application.  Dummy load cells provide level control and are usually used to stand in for self aligning load points that require dry runs of the system prior to complete operation.


Model Hardy HighCapacity LPRC03


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