Hardy ADVANTAGE® Lite Series of load point


Hardy compression load cells are durable and versatile designed with premium stainless or alloy steel materials. Used for the monitoring of weight using compression forces, Advantage load cells use true glass-to-metal hermetic sealing to deliver reliable protection to sensors in demanding industrial environments.


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Advantage Lite HI LPRE

Compression Load Point Assembly

The Hardy ADVANTAGE® Lite Series of load point assemblies provides superior performance when compared to common load cells, as well as exceptional value, in meeting your weighing needs.

Each pre-assembled load point consists of rugged stainless steel mounting hardware and a C2® Calibration compatible stainless steel, mV/V and mV/V/ohm matched and sealed load sensor.

The rubber element mount provides stray voltage isolation, minor misalignment correction, thermal expansion and shock absorption. It can be used in applications with conveyors and vessels with or without agitators or mixers. The load point assembly is self-checking, eliminating the need for costly external check rods to hold the assembly in place and also provides lift-off protection.

Each load sensor comes with twenty feet of six-conductor cable and a color-coded wiring label to aid in installation. The sensors have an IP rating of IP67.

Hardy Advantage Compression Low Capacity HI LPB


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