Hardy HI STS ‘S’ Beam Tension Load Cells


Hardy Beneath the exterior of Hardy tension load cells you will find details like redundant sealing for superior protection from moisture, matched parameters for tighter sensor specs for higher accuracy, and, of course, our exclusive C2® for safe and easy weightless calibration.

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Hardy HI STS  ‘S’ Beam Tension Load Cells

The Hardy Process Solutions HI STS beam type nickel plated alloy tool steel sensor is designed for low capacity hanging vessels, hoppers, filling machinery and process control.

HI STS tension load cell sensors feature IP67 ratings, and improved potting makes them suitable for use in industrial environments. They are available in capacities from 25 lb to 200 lb (11kg to 91kg).

This tension load cell can be mounted standalone or using threaded rods.

Hardy Low Capacity S Beam Tension HSTS


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