Hardy HI 1756-nDF


Hardy’s single-slot Rockwell® PLC/PAC modules read and condition data from strain gage load cells and communicate it over the I/O chassis backplane to the processor.


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CTH Industrial Controls can provide you with service and start up assistance for your Hardy Weight System.


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Material Feed Management by Weight for ControlLogix® PLCs

The HI 1756-nDF ControlLogix Dispenser/Filler module is the easy answer to a variety of material feed applications, especially, when speed and accuracy of the feed are paramount to the process. The module batches, fills or dispenses aggregates, granulates, liquids or gases, handling the entire feed process.

The internal set point control is moved closer to the process, by taking it out of the PLC and into the module. This eliminates timing issues created by non-deterministic messaging. To compensate for flow rate variations during the feed, real time target (preact) adjustments can be sent from the PLC, or be calculated by the module. Modules come in single or dual scale configurations. Each scale is fitted with a choice of two integrated solid state DC or AC relays to control fast and slow feed rates.

HI 1756-nDF Dispenser, Filler for ControlLogix PLC

The HI 1756-nDF will calculate and transmit gross weight, net weight & flow rate outputs simultaneously. Non-linear flows due to varying densities and head pressures are a thing of the past with its predictive algorithm automatically adjusting the system’s setpoint preact function.

These modules can be inserted and removed under power without disruption of any other modules in the system (racks). This makes it possible to replace a failed module while keeping the rest of the system running. Status indicators are provided on the front of the module for fault status. A status block will provide information to the processor for alarming and troubleshooting.


HI 1756-ndf Datasheet